Recent years have seen rapid growth in new media technology that is redefining how media content is acquired or created, modified and displayed. Perhaps the most significant of these technologies are the ones that can present truly 3-dimensional content that enable viewers to experience stories in a truly immersive way. Over the last few months, as a faculty fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, Bimal Balakrishnan from Architectural Studies and his team of graduate students affiliated with the iLab have created a database of 3-D technologies that have potential applications for journalism and other professions. This database attempts to capture both recent technologies as well as more established ones from a variety of disciplines including architecture and entertainment industry. The database can be sorted in three ways: by application areas, by alphabetical order, or by device type — i.e. where they are used in the production workflow.

Keeping this database current and accurate is an arduous task and is best done with input from community. Bimal and his team seek your help with this effort. Please bring to their attention new products that are not listed in the database and point out any errors that need to be corrected. Please use the contact link to email the team.